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Seward Accounting & Tax

web development


  • On-Brand design
  • user-friendly navigation
  • highlight services & packages
  • online estimate form
  • blog portfolio
  • calendar integration


  • utilize colors + fonts from logo
  • clean + navigable wireframe
  • repeated service offerings throughout site
  • custom estimate form with formulated pricing


  • professional, informative layout
  • embedded google reviews
  • award highlight reel
  • filterable blog topics
  • query-strings with visitors’ estimate pricing on thank you + calendar booking page

site highlights 

Custom Estimate Form with Formulated Pricing

click the arrows to swipe through the variety of these features!

Prior to launching their website, the team at Seward Accounting & Tax relied on phone calls + meetings to gather details from potential clients in order to give them an accurate estimate. To save them value time, Rickhouse Marketing was able to implement a robust estimate form asking a variety of questions and assigning a formula and price based on the answers submitted.

Once the estimate form is submitted, a lot of automation goes on behind the scenes:

  • Visitors are redirected to a page that shows their custom pricing + an integrated calendar for booking a consultation with Seward Accounting & Tax.
  • Visitors also receive a confirmation email from Seward Accounting & Tax with a short note from the owner, their custom pricing, a link to their personalized estimate page, + an opportunity to book a consultation.
  • The Seward Accounting & Tax team receives and email informing them of an estimate submission with the visitor’s contact information, answers to questions, + the pricing offered.

Automation, for the win!


Calls-to-Action + Testimonial Slider

Screenshot of Seward Accounting & Tax's service offerings and testimonial slider

With a main goal for their website being to highlight their services + packages, we deemed it fit to include calls-to-action throughout the site that also included reasons why to use Seward Accounting & Tax – not just how you could use their services!

By adding sections like these to their site, visitors are more at ease about understanding Seward Accounting & Tax’s offerings and who they would potentially be working with.

Plus, the Rickhouse Marketing team added a fun, on-brand spin to their client reviews by creating a testimonial slider, highlighting those that pinpoint similar struggles the Seward Accounting & Tax helped them tackle that visitors may also be looking to overcome.

Client Dashboard

click the arrows to swipe through the variety of these features!

One thing that was clear to Rickhouse was that Seward Accounting & Tax was invested in the idea of features that would make their lives easier as busy business owners.

Though the website was mostly built for potential/new clients, We saw an opportunity to include features for current clients – that’s when the client dashboard came to life.

On this page, current Seward Accounting & Tax clients are able to quickly access:

  • Software portals
  • Payroll Reporting
  • Checklists

Bonus: Clients are able to access an exclusive, clients-only embedded calendar to schedule time for a call or a document drop-off with the Seward Accounting & Tax team!

Informational Footer

To increase the trust + authenticity of their brand, Rickhouse Marketing added a footer to every page of the website that includes:

  • A scrolling carousel of logos related to the team’s awards + associations
  • A grid featuring reviews embedded directly from their Google Business listing
  • An informational footer with important links throughout the site + a button to skip straight to the Contact page.

Along with being informational, this global footer allows for consistency + clarity to potential clients for Seward Accounting & Tax!


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“we love our website!

thank you times a million to rickhouse marketing for making my vision come to life. i am blown away at the final results and cannot wait to use it and everything i have learned along the way to grow my business!

i am just starting to realize all the possibilities and i feel like i have this whole system now that i did not even know i needed!”

Kirstyn Seward | Seward Accounting & Tax